Paint from Inner Knowing

*Abstract paint process using acrylics, moving paint with old socks, rags, and hands; 4-5 colors only; a complete painting after about one hour.

*No artistic ability or talent needed.  Only the willingness to surrender and receive.

*Co-create sacred space and sacred time through the experience of the Dance of Creation, a Native American moving prayer of Unity and Creation, along with centering breath and meditation.

*Through intention, move paint from a deep place in the heart, not mind.

*Soul sings a song of divine connection, giving a message of inner knowing.  It is a blessing and a healing.

*After one experience, a rhythm of communication is developed in which the divine, Highest Self/Soul guides from inner knowing using meditation, silence, contemplation, and movement.

*Paint from Inner Knowing when used regularly is a tool for awakening the divinity within, co-creating a space of Genuine Unity between divine and human.
Paint from the I AM Meditation

*Same materials, similar process but different format.  This is a specific, guided process.

*Participants experience the Dance of Creation AND the complete
I AM Meditation which is companion to the Crescent Breath.  This breath work fills the bodies with divine light.

*Focus on Conscious Awareness in the three major bodies: Mental Body, Physical Body, and Emotional Body.  Participants learn a tool to measure conscious awareness.

* Ego and Soul begin to communicate in Unity from Compassion in Communion and Co-operation.

*Beginning exploration of sacred color and sacred geometrics from the Beauty Way.

I Am Mandala

*Guided process, step by step

*Paint from Inner Knowing experience required

*Begin in center Ego/Soul Unity as a Thread Pathway

*What Quality holds you in Communion?

*What Quality moves with you as Life in Co-operation?

*What Quality integrates Ego/Soul Unity and Oneness

*Paint in a series through each Thread pathway month by month

Private Services

InLoves Co-operation Paint from Inner Knowing

*Setting sacred space and time

*Breath work, prayer, meditation

*Dance of Creation

*Ancestral Lineage Healing Haiku Contemplation

*Teacher and participant paint together

*Teacher accesses and paints from participant's Soul Memory

*Giving and Receiving of shared messages/jounaling/reading

*Two 16X20" Soul Song Canvas paintings

*$150 for a three hour private session

Personal Soul Portrait

*24X24" personal Soul Portrait, channeled reading, written report of clairvoyant interaction with painting

*Prayer and meditation for both

*One month process

*$300 plus shipping and handling

Conscious Awareness:  Developing Divine Presence
through New Breath

Breath as part of a spiritual discipline
DivineHuman Being InLove

*Setting sacred space and time

*Breath work, prayer, meditation

*Seven New Breaths from A Beauty Way
Paint from the Heart for Kids
Children ages 6-16

*Move paint from the pure, creative heart.

*Accesses authenticity.

*Allows the child to move from intuition without outside direction.

*This heart-centered process co-creates happiness, balance, focus, and well-being.

*Paint from the heart of Hearts helps children to rediscover and maintain conscious awareness, center, and emotional balance.

*Children are encouraged to listen to and act from their heart of highest potential and intention.  

Map the Landscape of Your Soul

*Tools to Interpret Intuitive Paintings

*Figurative Language of Divine and Human Qualities

*Sacred Color, Numerology, Geometrics

*Contemplative Prayer

*Integrate your Soul's Emotional Wisdom into your daily life

*Learn and use these tools for inner discernment, gentle-ease, peace, and harmony.

Soul Song Canvas
Move Paint to Heal and Reveal... a Journey Home
Painting Workshops:  I AM Meditation,  I AM Mandala –
An Inner Knowing Painting Process

"You leave each class with a touchstone, a visual window that will always continue to guide the memories of that experience.  You will be able to relive and relearn the multi-level lessons that have opened, like a fresh breeze that makes the heart tingle with an inner knowing!!! in universal mystery we all share."               Jo Johnson

Painting Workshops

Soul Song Canvas is an Intuitive Painting process based on techniques experienced in the beginning level Paint from Inner Knowing classes.  Move paint as many times as your heart desires, deepening your initial connection to Soul Presence.  Paint from the Crescent Breath and I AM Meditation to begin the intermediate levels of experiencing authentic expression .  This Intuitive Painting Process is a focused, intentional tool for awakening greater consciousness, personal growth and healing at the intermediate levels.  Introduction of Sacred Geometrics, color and numerology from A Beauty Way are offered to enhance Inner Knowing, clarity, insight, and personal truth.  Paint the I AM Mandala is a more advanced series, which introduces the nine basic Thread Pathways and the Cycle of Life Prayers within Ego/Soul Unity.  Personal Thread pathways and personal Divine and Human Qualities are studied as Contemplative Prayer to enhance daily living in grace and beauty.  Each level of painting experience and with each consecutive painting experience, deepening understanding awakens consciousness of soul memory from the Akasic Record.  Ongoing journaling and channeled messages are also authentic expressions of personal truth as it develops and changes through the evolution of emotion, the Ego/Soul journey in Unity and Oneness.

Each class awakens another level of consciousness, self-discovery and inspiration.  With each class... 
  • Let go, trust, and receive!
  • Access your Divine Inner Knowing and soul memory
  • Authentic self/Self is expressed on canvas.
  • Experience a tool you can use as an on-going process to connect with your personal truth.
  • Let your Soul sing you a song as you move paint.
  • Divine Love inspires and heals in joy and wonder.
  • Complete an abstract painting in one session.
  • No artistic ability or experience needed.
  • Paint from Inner Knowing  this class may be taken many times
  • Introduction to Paint from the Crescent Breath single class or Crescent Breath Series of five classes
  • Introduction to Paint from the I AM Meditation single class or I AM Meditation Series of five classes
  • Paint the I AM Mandala  single class or continuing through the Thread Pathways
  • Paint from the Heart, Soul Song Canvas for Kids  this class may be taken many times
  • Map the Landscape of Your Soul  on-going companion class that teaches basic concepts of A Beauty Way
  • Conscious Awareness: Developing Divine Presence through New Breath Series of four, two-hour classes
Additional Services
  • Private session: InLoves Co-operation Paint from Inner Knowing teacher/student paint together, student receives two paintings/reading
  • Personal Soul Portraiting commission and receive your own personal Soul Portrait including reading
Current Location for Fall 2013

School for Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences                           
18271 McDurmott West Suite #H,
Irvine CA 92614                                 
Space limited to 9             
$30.00, all materials included

Register at (949) 752-5272      for current classes, times                    

For a short video clip introduction to the paint process, use this link:

For private sessions or group sessions at your own location, fees for service, contact Linnea at or use the Guestbook.
Paint from Crescent Breath

*Same paint process.  Personal style may begin to develop.

*Co-create sacred space and sacred time with the Dance of Creation AND experience the Crescent Breath Meditation.

*Crescent Breath Meditation is an emptying breath that cleanses and heals, letting go of energies that no longer serve the highest potential.  Grounding, focus on center and balance.

*Move paint from a deeper space of expression, with more focus and intent on surrender, letting go of judgment and control.

*Ego/soul dialogue may begin through meditation, silence, contemplation, journaling, prayer, and movement.