Soul Song Canvas
Move Paint to Heal and Reveal... a Journey Home

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How can I utilize this site?

  • Would you like to experience awakening to your conscious awareness?
  • When viewing the Gallery, was there a particular painting that co-created a flutter or quickening of the heart? a tear, a giggle or shudder?
  • Are you willing to follow the steps in Moving paint: the process and experience self/Self?
  • Can you assess your own use of tools?  How do you already connect to Presence, use process or practice a spiritual discipline?

If Yes, Some Choices:

  1. Register in the Soul Song Canvas Guestbook or email me at
  2. NBH/VAV Community offers teachers and spiritual guides who live and practice A Beauty Way, who are available to work with you.
  3. Attend a Soul Song Canvas workshop locally in Southern California; arrange for a private class on Skype;  arrange to bring the instructor to your school or center; host a group session in your home
  4. The easiest way to experience the Painting Process is to follow the steps outlined, ask questions before, get clarification and guidance after with a consultation.
  5. Choose to MOVE PAINT TODAY
  6. Request a private session or commission a personal Soul Portrait
  7. Inquire for fees and costs of services/resources

Additional Resources:

  1. Community Prayer Book 1 & 2 Set, JiMi Tao and Community
  2. Ancestral Lineage Healing Book, JiMi Tao and The Ancient Ones
  3. Faces of a Sacred Union, Soul Portrait Book 1  by Linnea Haley
A Beauty Way Tool Kit of Sacred Color 
Important Note, due to the variances in color, please check with these Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, which directly represent the colors used with the Sacred Geometrics of A Beauty Way, to view and use the correct colors.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
A Beauty Way Sacred Tool Kit- for paint and pencils:  full set includes

Thread #1     Process Red

Thread #2     Scarlet Lake

Thread #3     Orange

Thread #4     Ultramarine Blue

Thread #5     Grass Green

Thread #6     Light Aqua

Thread #7     True Blue (cyan)

Thread #8     Violet

Thread #9     Yellowed Orange

Thread #10   Canary Yellow

Thread #11   Chartreuse

Thread #12   Mulberry School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences, Irvine, California    Video clip of introduction to Paint from Inner Knowing   Valerie Rogers, Intuitive Art  Womens Empowerment, Great Council of the Grandmothers  Annie Geissinger, New Breed Healer, Ceremonies of Transformation   A Beauty Way, JiMi Tao Vatemare Community and New Breed Healers