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"Surrender in becoming more than I know to know
in every moment
in every way
in every breath....
And so silence becomes the mantra of my heart"

"For, in your reflections of my own actions and thoughts,
do I come to know who I am and you are."

...from A Beauty Way
Community Prayer Book
Book 1 of 2
©November 2012
Sacred Reflections: Center for Transformational Awareness


Abstract Painting from Inner knowing – An Intuitive Painting Process 

"When I paint, my spirit and my matter join in complete unity to feel great joy!"
                                                                                                             Mountains of Love, Charleen Ferry

This process can be used by any one with genuine, sacred intention to connect to their Higher Self/Soul and the realms of the Divine.  You may use this process for personal spiritual practice, process, healing, and evolving of your emotions in sobriety, but you may not teach this process to anyone without formal certification and permission from Soul Song Canvas.

Soul Song Canvas is an intuitive, abstract painting process based in five different forms of Paint from Inner Knowing.  Each process is an intuitive, abstract painting process founded in breath work and contemplative prayer.  Participants intuitively move paint from a Soul Presence connection in conscious awareness.  Through letting go, trusting, and receiving, participants express their authentic self/Self in a “Soul Song on canvas.”  Using meditation and contemplation, personal truth is revealed.  Sacred Geometrics, sacred color, and sacred numerology are studied for further insight and clarity.  Emotional and spiritual healing occurs effortlessly as gift from Divine.  No artistic ability is needed.  When the tools from Soul Song Canvas are used regularly as a committed spiritual discipline, awakening consciousness and enlightenment lead to the evolution of Soul into higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Faith Walks in Wisdom's Arms

General steps to Paint from Inner Knowing


-  Stretched canvas (any large size desired)

-  Acrylic paints

-  Old, but clean white socks

-  Quart size water container 

-  Pallet or plastic coated paper plates, recycled plastics

-  Paper towels/ rags

-  Table easel or standard easel

-  Work table


Set up work place of the above supplies.  On the back of the canvas, name and date with permanent marker.


Set up sacred space:  Light a candle.  Say a prayer.  Ask for guidance and protection from your Source, your Higher Power, or whatever name is Father/Mother God to you.  Ask that the painting area and materials be blessed.  Surrender. 

During this time of meditation and prayer, specifically ask your Highest Self/Soul to tell you what four to five colors he/she wants you to paint with today.  Wait patiently, listen to what first pops into your head and trust.  Maybe you will see the colors.  You will experience this receiving in your own sacred way, it’s all perfect.  Trust.  Notice the order in which you receive the colors.  Write them down if necessary.


Recall what one color came first, and put about a quarter-size of paint on your plate or pallet.  Set to the side and save.

Next, spread a generous amount of water over your entire canvas.  This is the water of Mother Earth, the fluid flow of emotion.  Take your time and connect deeply to the water and how it moves on the canvas.   Use your senses to deepen the connection, touch and feel the intimate and delicate co-operation between water, canvas, and fingers/hands.  Then allow the Spirit of the Father to intermingle by putting a small blop of gold paint in the center and with deep intention, allow the love and light of the Father to enlighten the matter of Mother.  Gold paint as divine spirit is moving through the waters of Mother Earth, the waters of our emotions, which co-create enspirited matter.  Using a clean sock or fingers/hands, slowly mix the gold paint and water, spreading the gold water over every inch of the canvas, dance with it, witness, savor each stroke, intend.  (The gold paint will be barely noticeable.)

After setting your intention to surrender and let go, move the first color of paint with your sock or fingers/hand. Make or spread the color wherever it wants to go and watch what it does. Always stay “here and fully present” – let the painting, let the color, allow your inner knowing, allow your deepest heart-self to tell you, sense you, intuit movements, pattern, and texture to add. Fill the entire surface of the canvas, beyond the edges, moving paint, putting on more paint, taking off paint with a damp sock or paper towel.  Creating pattern, texture, light/dark.  Use lots of water, keep your color fluid, not stagnate or rigid.  "Scrub" in the color.

Do not make any recognized forms, this is an abstract process.  Your Soul/Highest Level Self will guide you. If you are thinking about what you are doing, let go.  If you think you see an image, thank it and let it go.  This is not a thinking process, it is a feeling, sensing process.  If needed, shake off the holding on...walk away and come back.  Refocus your intentions, pray for surrender.  Continue.

Paint for 15-20 minutes with the first color, do not stop early; even if you “think” you are done, keep going.  At the end of the first session, stop, put the painting up on an easel and step back, way back, 8-10 feet back and look, listen, sense, feel.  There may be an urge to add a stroke here or a dot there, so go back to the table, follow your inner knowing and add what wants to be added.

Then turn the canvas 1/4 of a turn - any direction, remember which direction, left or right, this will be the same direction for each consecutive turn during this paint process.

Now in this new direction, using the second color, take a breath, surrender to this new view.  What ever you thought or felt or sensed about the first view of the canvas is about to change.  With an empty mind, continue to move paint, the second color, for the next 15-20 minutes.  Witness as the two colors move together, merge, mix, move side by side, co-create together.  Focus on the second color, but know that you can return to add small amounts of the first color as well.  Witness the magic in awe and wonder.

Continue adding a new color to each new direction of the canvas, stopping to step way back each time, until the canvas is back to original view, using four colors and four sides. The fifth color may be added on the last turn of the canvas or as an accent color at the very end to enhance. 

If you find yourself thinking or trying to control the process, step away from the canvas, walk away, go outside, breathe, yell, sing, move your body, and let go…. Come back when you are in surrender. 

Upon finishing the 4th view, continue turning the canvas another complete circle to observe all sides in case you feel or sense that you need to add a tiny something for completion. Let dry.  While the painting is beginning to dry, immediately begin to journal some of the feelings and emotions you were noticing, what sensations were you sensing in your body? What thoughts went through your mind?  Record these, do you have questions for yourself? 


After this initial response, set your painting aside in a prominent place of your home.  Ask your family NOT to comment on the painting.  This is strictly a personal, individual process that has no-thing to do with anyone else. As you walk by your painting daily, pause to listen to it, what is it telling you?  What do you see/sense/feel in the abstraction?  Is there a story, message or metaphor?  Record in your journal.  Begin to develop communication with your painting, remember it is part of you, it is imbued with your essence, it is alive, it is living energy, it is a sacred reflection of YOU, your highest self/Self.

After several days, turn the canvas to another position or orientation and do the same.  Or meditate with your painting, open-eyed or closed eyed.  Listen, trust what you hear, sense, and feel.  Try automatic writing.   Keep a record in your journal.  Keep turning the canvas until you know what is your favorite or most important orientation, sign in the right-hand corner.   When you know the name of the painting, add it to the back. 

Take photos of your paintings to document your process. A photo of each turn helps you re-member what colors came in what order and how it all evolved.  The painting will change dramatically from start to finish.  Lay several your paintings out on the floor or along a wall and notice how you are developing a rhythm with the canvas. It is getting easier and easier to communicate with each new painting, and then you will realize that you have developed a system of dialogue that works for you.  After about a year of regular painting, a specific artistic style emerges that is unique to only you!

Paint from Inner Knowing is a tool for awakening consciousness to knowing self/Self.  You receive a Divine healing each time you paint whether you are aware of it or not.  This Paint from Inner Knowing process is a tool for Ego/Soul Dialogue, which promotes the evolution of your soul and ego in Emotional Wisdom, Wisdom’s Emotion.  When you adopt and use this tool on a regular basis along with daily breath work, meditation, and contemplative prayer , it can become your path to Divine Truth and Human Wisdom, your path to the Hope of Becoming a Divinely Human BEing InLove. 

Blessed BE.  Namaste.

Use the Guestbook or please email me with any questions or concerns you may have as you begin your journey to wholeness.

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Linnea Haley, New Breed Healer
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