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Awakening Consciousness manifests as Word and Paint

Soul Portraiting, the ultimate message of Inspiration and Conscious Awareness

This is an excerpt from the booklet entitled The Faces of a Sacred Union by Linnea Haley, available upon request in the Resources/Related Links section.  This is a retelling of my Soul's memory of who I AM, where I began, how I evolved, and how we process.  These paintings are the first fifteen of 32 Awarenesses, which explain my Ego/Soul Essence in Unity and our experience of Oneness, in the Hope of Becoming a Divine Human Being InLove in Co-creative Ascension.  Soul Portraiting was shared with me by my teacher, JiMi Tao.  Soul Memory is retrieved from the Akasic Record through cosmic connection in Ego/Soul Unity.  There is always a dark line symbolizing the place of center and balance between heaven and earth.  This line is conscious awareness.  The line is my signature.  After more than eight years of painting from soul presence, I AM experiencing the bliss of falling in love each time I move paint and color to express my Soul's journey.

The Faces of a Sacred Union
Soul Portrait Booklet 1
Portraits 1-15

Soul Portrait #1  October 2009

DuraMadre:  Eternal Mother of Sustainable Matter
When time began, you were born in the waters of the Akash.  The seed of Great Father Spirit and the heart of Great Mother Mystery joined together in sacred union as You, DuraMadre, Eternal Mother of Sustainable Matter, the Giving and Receiving of Life as Breath and Matter.  The breath of Great Spirit moves through you, matter of Mother.  You are the heart of humus that holds, cares, shares, and loves all children, all beings.  You hold their memories in your matter.  You care for these memories as kindness and comfort.  You share these memories InLoves Connection InGenerosity so all will re-member they are loved, they are Love, a Divine Human Being InLove.

I began working with my spiritual guide and teacher, JiMi Tao Beauty Way, in July 2006.  Along with the teachings of A Beauty Way, this Painting Process has served as an integral part of my awakening consciousness process.  I have been answering the eternal questions, noticing and witnessing my life, beliefs, faith, and personal truth changing and evolving into Ego/Soul Unity and Oneness manifested as happiness in freedom, the new form of this Time of Times.  My journey of awakening is a series of challenges, healings, initiations, enlightenments and revelations that speak to and define me.  Me as I know only in this present moment of truth.

Based on lessons of compassion, surrender, trust and hope, I now know who I AM, who is my Source, what our relationship is, and what my divine purpose is in this lifetime.  InHumility, my Divine Truth and Human Wisdom are continually evolving and changing as my Inner Knowing deepens, widens, and expands in personal experience and understanding.  I know what really matters to me in the Eternal Aspects of my Life as the Art of Living.  I know how to connect with my Highest Level Self/Soul as well as my mental body, the intelligence of my physical body, and the feelings of my emotional body.  I know of and use effective tools to heal and live in center and balance, focus and clarity.  I know how to BE silent, witness with discernment, question, contemplate, interpret and apply soul wisdom and memory from both the literal language of Great Mother Mystery and the figurative metaphors of the language of Great Father Spirit. 

InHumility, I offer these examples of poetry and prayers as further evidence of my journey, the heart of evidence being the paintings themselves.  I hope these inspirational poems and prayers may be resources of inspiration, joy, and delight for you.  From my Supreme Quality of Giving and Receiving, may you Receive in Gratitude the sharing I offer in Co-operation from Giving in Generosity.

Namaste, the Light in me honors the Light in you.


Dura Madre Song of Creation 7/17/08

Sacred Question:  How does Divine Hope and Human Becoming embrace Giving and Receiving?


Divine Hope inspires and holds the Promise of my personal Truth as Wisdom. 

I Become Wisdom as Truth, in Compassionate Surrender, in the one movement of Giving and Receiving.

I share my gifts and true purpose with ALL THAT IS in a constant rhythm like the sap of the tree. 

I AM the beauty of the open flower, flowing freely in Receiving and Giving.

In this sacred flow of Giving and Receiving, I Become the Heart of the Mother. 

I love, hold, care, and share in Cherishment ALL THAT I AM AND ALL THAT IS. 

As I stand  solid like the majesty of  the mountain, in the Truth of my heart space, I radiate love and light.

I AM the embrace of the Divine Mother.

This is my song.

And so it is.




My essence is newborn pink, tender

Sweet love, fragrant love, innocent love

I AM the beautiful unfolding rose

Standing strong, proud

Sharing my beauty with all Beings.

Simply Being a rose, flower of life

Nothing else, simply Being is enough

Perfect, the reason, the question, the answer.


Because I AM love, I share love.

Because I AM beauty, I share beauty.

Because I AM peace, I share peace.


I express my joy, gently shower my joy

Back to ALL THAT IS.


Because I AM love, I AM held in love eternally.

Because I AM beauty, beauty seeps and soaks my pores.

Because I AM peace, I walk in peace.


I laugh and cry joyful tears, feeling my tears and those of others.


My truest purpose in life is to simply BE.

Not complicated, not profound

The Divine Light and loving heart space of my Essential Being



I AM the constant, loving expression of the Creator.

I AM a Single Thread   11-11-2007

I AM but a single thread
in the flow
following the woof,
following the warp,
over bumps and knots
through difficulty
in, around, under resistance
stopping, starting, ending
beginning again.
I AM but a single thread
in the tapestry called LIFE.

Within this Fabric of Life
I am never alone, separate, but I AM part of the whole.
I am never alone in love, but I love and I AM loved.
I am never alone in the circle of life, but I hold and I AM held.
I am never alone in relationship to ALL THAT IS, but I give and receive in humility and gratitude.
I am never alone in the natural flow and order, but I AM ONE. 

WE ARE of One Source.

I AM but a single thread
in the tapestry called LIFE.
My dreams mingle with other thread dreams.
My needs reach up with other thread needs.
My worries sing out in a chorus of concerns.
My limitations tug, let go, surface again
side by side
flowing with other threads,
together, humbly allowing.

When I wait patiently, a pausing moment within the flow,
When I take a breath, letting my Heart Mind Light
drift up to the Heavens in prayer,
When I surrender all that I AM and all that I know,
in allowance for the infinite flow of all threads
in the natural order of giving and receiving
in compassion of the struggle,
then I begin to truly understand that I AM never alone.
Eternally side by side, the same threads, of ONE Source.
I begin to truly believe.
Then trust, then know in my heart of Hearts that it is so.

Only then can my Ego cry out,
"I feel the freedom from fear.
I feel the freedom from worry, frustration.
I believe and trust.
I know I AM eternally held in safety and abundance.
I feel the freedom of Divine Love.
I feel pure beauty, pure dreams, pure joy.

My thread begins to skip, sing and run with delight
in joyful  dance movements
in the flow of natural order
side by side in tapestry
threads forever together
in shining beauty
of the Divine Fabric of Life.



I AM the Colors of the Wind

I AM the color of Compassion
The color of Patience
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the color of common union,
Communion, the Magic of Oneness with ALL THAT IS
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the colors of Surrender in Giving and Receiving
Flowing as the ONE movement
In the rhythm of Universal Dream
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the color of reflected Passion
A Divinely Human BEing, InLove
Loving self/Self, loving Source
Solely, soulfully
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM shared Reverence of the blessings of Divine Source as Divine Love
In my Mighty I AM Presence
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the color of Emotion
Fluid flow of the heart, freedom in victory,
A friendship dear
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the letting go, the empty self
The silent witness holding space for this love
Allowing the breath of Great Spirit to enlighten my matter
I AM the colors of the wind.

I AM the gentle breeze that caresses your face
Great Spirit and Great Mothers’ kiss of embrace
Heaven and Earth as Humility in matter
I AM the colors of the wind.

Universal Mind of Truth, the Grandmother, Sage of Wisdom
Dreams Wisdom into New Vision 
Dreamer breathes the fire of Passion into New Vision with Truthful Wisdom of Love
WE ARE the colors of the wind.

L. Haley
Thread #7 Day of Passionate Divine Truth and Human Wisdom   


Source’s Whisper                                                       8/14/2011

In the silent beauty of the wilderness

I heard my name called, a whisper that I couldn't quite make out

But I heard it all the same.


The first day in camp

I was gifted with the whisper of new wings

A single, hummingbird feather

Though tiny, it was long, muted in color

A strong wing-feather, standing firm between the rubber of the car window...

In awe and wonder, with adoration, I received this gift in humbled humility

An omen of hope of what IS to Become

A treasure map, a key opening new doors

In the silent beauty of the wilderness

I heard my name called, a whisper that I couldn't quite make out

But I heard it all the same.


I heard my name called

As the wings of Hawk whispered with the wind

I couldn't quite make it out

But I heard it all the same

Hawk flew in front of me, guiding my flight

Holding me mesmerized by his size, by his proximity, his strength, boldness, his intention

Hawk whispered, “It is He, He Who Loves His Twin.

He watches you from a new place on high.”

The whisper spoke of an honored, noble love, eternal

 Saved sacred, held in safety of stillness

Yet put away, allowing the new to unfold unhindered unattached unfettered.


Feeling the emotion of loving memories of days gone by

I heard my name called

 A whisper that I couldn't quite make out

But I heard it all the same

The whisper spoke of changing times

An overwhelming sense of knowing change, EVERY SINGLE THING WILL CHANGE

An overwhelming sense of magnitude, enormity, THIS CHANGE

Not only for me, but for all

For ALL THAT IS will change

Is changing…has changed

NO-thing will ever be the same in my life

I begin again, anew, completely different in form, in color, in light, sound and vibration

The whisper spoke of all memories being saved sacred, held in safety

Honored yet put away

Allowing the new form to begin to unfold

Seed from inside out

In generosity of unity, Soul and Ego together as ONE

In openhearted compassion, in hope of becoming

More than I know to know.


To my surprise, the whisper spoke out loud as I gazed at my home gallery wall

"Do I know these paintings?  Who are you?

There was once a time when I knew you, when I knew what you were made of...

But it is all different now.

I AM different, no-thing is the same.”

I AM changed as the magical mystery of miracle

Flowing fluid in new form along the conscious stream of WE ARE

As giving and receiving, the dignified truth that I AM who surrenders in compassion

Through human friendships of divine work

A divinely human BEing InLove whose name is whispered by Source

A whisper that I couldn't quite make out

But I heard it all the same.

7/14/2012  5:15pm  Golden Wave Day

InGrateful Humility Humbled, Divine Eternal Moment of Golden Wave Never Ending,
please fill me full with infinite Peace. 

Let my heart love only from unconditional delight and adoration. 
Let my bodies move in evenness of Equanimity as co-creation from co-operation in compassion from communion. 

Golden Wave Never Ending, may your Cherishment and tender holding spill over to bless all life,
from the most minute particle of Love's Light to the most expansive,
vast BEing of the Universe Itself, and all that is in between. 

May WE/US move in unison of the new Cohesion of Co-operation
from Empathetic Compassion as PEACE, gentle ease and harmony
in Highest Potential of all worlds and universes in all nature. 

May we be peace. 
May we be gratitude. 
May we BE Divine Human InLove. 
Blessed BE. Selah.

                                      a thousand hands

early dawn silence

in flowing movements of the Hopi

Dance of Creation,

Grandmother of the West

Wisdom Keeper of the Circle

whispers gently,

“A thousand hands are holding you.

We are the Circle.”


“We are of a thousand hands,” whisper Trees.

          “We hold you straight, tall.

           We hold you as you stand in your own beauty, power.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whispers Breeze, brushing gently by.

          ”We cover your face with kisses.

           We are the soft caress of all things.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whisper splashing Creeks.

          “Water is the body that holds,

           Surrounding, covering, filling, enfolding

           All water holds.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whisper the stones, soil, everything solid.

“We hold you center, steady.

 We create the path of the journey you walk.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whisper Birds.

          “Our hearts hold you in cheer.

           Our songs help you soar.

           We hold your dream’s flight of joy.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whisper Loved Ones,

Those that have passed, those here and present,

Loved Ones yet to come.

          “We hold you in sweetness.

 We cradle you tenderly.”

“We are of a thousand hands,” whispers the Great Council

Of the Grandmothers.

          “We hold you always in a loving embrace.

           We create safety, comfort.

 As women, this is what we do.”


Who are the hands that hold me?  ALL THINGS.

Hands from where?  The heart of the MOTHER.


In holding you, you hold others

And they others, until ALL IS HELD

By a thousand hands.                                                                     



InPrecious Memory of John Hirano


Metatron Man

WE/US/I honor you, celebrate you.

A man who walked InCompassion and Caring

A man who lived InFriendship and Devotion of Family

Metatron Man

We/US/I honor you, cherish you.

I cherish our sacred times together of yoga, prayer, ceremony.

I cherish your guidance, healing, and teaching.

Metatron Man

WE/US/I honor you, love you dearly, precious reflection of source.

May your wings spread wide.

May your heart open even wider.

May your spirit shine most brightest in your Highest Potential

As DivineHuman Being InLove.

May you BE peace, gentle ease, and harmony of New Form.

Blessed BE     May 6, 2013

InLove, DuraMadre, Linnea Rosebud 

Prayer for My Sons

Divine Father, Divine Mother
Bless my Sons, hold them eternally in your light and love.

As I honor my own path, I honor their paths.
Let their journey be gentle, let their lessons be easy.
Let their hearts be open to your divine support and guidance
Each day as they take one step at a time.

As I honor my own life and home, I honor their lives and their homes.
Let their life be full of love, compassion and joy.
Let their homes be a loving place of sanctuary and harmony,
A place to safely rest their head each night.

As I honor my own divinity, my own beautiful reflection
Of the sacred Creator and All Creation
I honor both their divine Souls and their Earthly expressions
Sterling, the Warrior of Light, my Guardian
Casey, the Healer, at his Father's side
Let them each discover the magic of Being InLove with All That Is.
Let them choose balance, clarity, and focus that comes from being here and fully present.

As I choose truth in my life, I honor their truth.
As I surrender my addictions and challenges, so do I surrender theirs.
As I walk in humility, I know and remember that
WE are Human.
WE are fragile.
WE are equal.
WE are whole.
WE are loved.
WE are cared for.

More and more I love them deeply, passionately as only a mother can.
more and more my love is unconditional, compassionate, eternally supporting them.
I hold them as they hold me.  I cherish our partnership.
In our strength, in our beauty, in our love, we are family.

My Sons, I call forth all your guardians angels, your highest guides and teachers,
Your loved ones, and your animal spirits, your Highest Level Self
To protect you and carry you today and all days.
Blessed Be. And so it is.
Your loving Mother


Divine Source and Divine Love,

In Ego/Soul Unity, I /WE DuraMadre Linnea Rosebud Sweetie Girl, fully here and in your Presence, NOW give and receive, receive and give from a place of fullness, knowing that Divine Spirit fills our Divine Body Human Matter with every thing it needs to flourish in abundance as BEing InLove.

There is no-thing that our spirit and physical bodies need that our Faith in Love's Light cannot give us.  WE receive all that we need in Grateful Gratitude from the Breath of Life, the Breath of Love's Light.  WE give back from our generous heart space of Empathetic Compassion, sharing energy and effort from Equanimity of Unconditional Love.

WE ARE the Grateful Breath in Humbled Matter, flowing fluid as the Miracle of Life, Beauty and Happiness in Humility.

May WE BE more gentle, like the willing Gentleness of the Prayer Feather.
May WE BE more kind, like the Kindness of the Infinite Father.
May WE BE more loving, like the love of the Eternal Mother.
May WE love, hold, care, and share with self, other and ALL THAT IS as the Heart of the Mother, the Akash of Wisdom's Emotion in peace, gentle-ease, and harmony of Universal Highest Potential.
And May WE BE the Hope, Blessing, the Prayer, the Grace as we walk A Beauty Way.

Blessed BE, Selah.