Soul Song Canvas
Move Paint to Heal and Reveal... a Journey Home

Experience Awakening Consciousness, Personal Growth, Self Empowerment & Self Discovery - Move Paint to Connect to your Soul Presence InPresence

Tools for Awakening Consciousness of the Divine Human Being InLove

Soul Song Canvas shares with you Tools for Awakening Consciousness through Workshops that create personal growth and self empowerment through self discovery.  Soul Song Canvas is an Intuitive Paint Process that awakens consciousness as soul memory and creates Soul Presence connection.  This intuitive paint process is a form of communication between Ego, Soul, and Spirit as a song of authentic expression of your innate, creative genius.  With each painting, emotional healing and spiritual healing occurs.  These tools do not impose or replace beliefs, but give access and choices to explore, enhance, reform, and create anew.  This is an evolutionary experience of mind, body, emotion.

Soul Song Canvas teaching, studies and workshops are based in five different forms of Paint from Inner Knowing.  Each process is an intuitive, abstract paint process founded in breath work and contemplative prayer.  Participants co-create sacred time and sacred space in universal Oneness through conscious awareness in the three major bodies:  mental body, physical body, emotional body.  Using focused intention, specific breath work, and prayer, a soul presence connection is co-created, bridging heaven and earth.  Contemplative prayer focuses on spiritual relationship, Divine and Human Universal Qualities, personal qualities, and Thread Pathways. Rule of Life is examined and considered as a pathway to greater daily living through the Eternal Aspects.  Sacred geometrics, sacred color, and sacred numerology are also explored.  Spiritual discipline is experienced as a choice to enhance living in a new form:  Happiness in Freedom.  Divine Love inspires and heals in joy and wonder.  Access to spiritual guidance, friendship and community are available through the VateMare Amethyst Vision Seekers/New Breed Healer Community.

Tools for Awakening Consciousness

  • Specific breath work and meditation
  • Moving prayer and Contemplative prayer
  • Co-creating Sacred time, sacred space in universal Oneness
  • Move paint as absolute/authentic expression of Ego/Soul
  • Developing connection and dialogue between Ego/Soul, receiving insight/guidance from Highest Self
  • Paint process as healing pathway through evolution of Wisdom's Emotions, Emotional Sobriety
  • Sacred Geometrics, sacred color, sacred numerology give clarity, insight, vision
  • Spiritual Relationship, Divine and Human Qualities, Thread Pathways
  • Rule of Life, discipline and intention through daily Eternal Aspects of Living
  • Friendships and communities in Communion from Compassion, Co-operating and Co-creating
  • Study with/Access to the New Breed Healer/Vatemare Amethyst Vision Seekers Community, A Beauty Way

Meet Linnea:  Personal Growth and Self Empowerment are developed when these eternal questions are asked and answered through the journey of Self-discovery using tools that awaken consciousness. 
  1. Who AM I?
  2. Who is my Source, Higher Power, God?
  3. What is our relationship?
  4. Who ARE YOU?
  5. Where do I live?
  6. What really matters to me?

I AM a native of Southern California.  I AM a mother of two adult sons, a retired educator, sacred artist, and nature lover who is on a spiritual path.  I enjoyed a successful 34-year career in education as a teacher, national teacher-trainer, and district program coordinator.  InGratitude, I now enjoy the freedom of retirement with a focus on the New Breed Healer and VateMare Community.  I AM fulfilling a desire to be of service with children, adults facing life challenges, and families.

During 2003-2005, I embraced a turning point in my life, experiencing extreme loss on many levels.  When I knew my current life was over, I began to seek a new way of living again. I wanted to find ways that led to self-empowerment, personal growth, and connection to the divine realms.  I needed to heal and gain emotional sobriety. I prayed for a spiritual foundation, a teacher to guide me through this evolution of the soul.  I began a new life focus as a New Breed Healer within the Sacred Reflections spiritual community, guided by a teacher. 

Soon after, I also discovered a process called Spirit Art Painting.  I realized after the first painting experience that the canvas was alive, holding images and energetic entities.  I began painting often, intuitively developing a relationship with each of my dear paintings as expressions of my Ego and Higher Self, Soul.  This process of moving paint was a form of actual, physical transformation, through which emotional letting go and lasting healing occurred in all my bodies.  I KNEW this process would develop over time and become a personalized expression of my authentic self.  I was fascinated with the insights I gained through meditation and contemplation while studying and gazing at my Soul's sacred reflection.  It was as if my Soul was singing to me on a Soul-Song Canvas.  View some of my favorite paintings in the Gallery that tell a story of personal growth and healing.

I began to modify this paint process uniquely for myself as a deliberate and focused tool for healing, discovery, revelation, soul evolution, and spiritual unfolding.  Ongoing journaling, process writing, and channeled writing document my personal growth and self-discovery.  My own Inspirational Poetry and Prayers can be found on the Inspiration page. Under the direction of my own spirit Counsel and my Spiritual Guide, JiMi Tao, InHumility and Gratitude, I now share this paint process, Soul Song Canvas.  As a certifiied New Breed Healer, I teach, share and nurture practices from the path called A Beauty Way as part of my life purpose and service to humanity within the New Breed Healer/Vatemare Amethyst Vision Seekers Community.
My purpose is to share with you tools and ways of discovery and unfolding that worked for me.  These practices are not to impose upon or replace beliefs, but to give you choices to explore, to enhance what you already know as personal truth.  Develop these tools as a form of communication between Ego and Soul, Heaven and Earth in Genuine Unity.  Experience your awakening consciousness to universal Oneness in peace, gentle ease, and harmony of highest potential of ALL THAT IS.  As a certified New Breed Healer, my community and I are committed to holding a pathway open for you of self-discovery that is most gentle, easy, compassionate, steady, and InJoy and Hope.

March 2011 Message to New Breed Healers from JiMi Tao, Spiritual Guide and Teacher

"WE have created pathways for new formation, we are on a path, and we hold each other.  When others are raw, tender, unsure, and in doubt, we have centered peace to emanate, stability to hold, and clarity to share in these time of Times."
from JiMi Tao, Spiritual Guide and Teacher

June 2012            Gabi Dendinger, Professional Photographer and Sacred Artist

Diary of a short journey from health to illness and back to health

Two years ago, on the morning of a trip to Europe and hours before I had to catch my plane, I discovered that something was definitely wrong with one of my breasts.  Looked wrong and felt wrong and in my gut I knew that this wasn't good.  I managed to put the thought out of my mind during the vacation, had a fabulous time, and immediately made an appointment with a specialist as soon as I returned home.

From then on, it was a whirlwind of activity that didn't give me time to grieve or worry.  After an amazing number of tests, I started chemotherapy, lost my hair, shrank the tumor, had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction, and daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.  After that I was declared cancer free, had my hair and life back and discovered that I had  learned more in those two years than in a decade of healthy living.

Throughout all this I painted my pictures and I'm forever grateful to my teacher, Linnea, for giving me this tool for learning and survival.  The painting process is the same for everyone who tries it, but the results are amazingly different for everyone. And I don't only mean the visual results, but also the way this kind of painting changes and enhances your life. 

 For me the simple act of painting is like a meditation where I lose track of time and spend hours in my world of color and shape and movement.  The paintings changed a lot during this journey and the change came from within, without conscious efforts.  During the darkest part - the chemotherapy - my paintings reflected what went on inside.  Although outwardly I was rather cheerful and not prone to depression or hopelessness, my paintings told me otherwise.  They were dark, brooding and maybe a little scary.  With the end of chemo and re-growth of hair and strength came the use of lighter color and subjects.  My style changed too, I became more involved in details where I discovered shapes in the paintings that wanted more attention and would turn into meaningful objects. I discovered a playful side I didn't know I had.


Painting has helped me recover from illness and is still helping me shape my life as I get on with it.

Linnea Haley, New Breed Healer
A Beauty Way,  Sacred Reflections:
Center for Transformational Awareness
 Photo Credits:
Original art work and photos, Linnea Haley
Photos, Roland Ferry, Gabi Dendinger
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