Soul Song Canvas
Move Paint to Heal and Reveal... a Journey Home

Inner Knowing | I AM Mandalas | Soul Portraits

Move Paint to Color a Soul song on Canvas, Color your Akasic Record

Using tools for Awakening Consciousness, we can bring the three major bodies: Mental Body, Physical Body, Emotional Body together into alignment using breath work and prayer.  Soul Song Canvas uses the Crescent Breath and the I AM Meditation along with the Dance of Creation, a moving prayer from the Ancient Ones.  When the bodies begin to unify, spirit bodies can engage, giving Ego/Soul Unity access to soul memory from Akasic Record.  We can then move paint to color a soul song on canvas that tells of soul experience and memory.  The color of emotion sings a song from Soul Presence.

Paintings in this Gallery (Row Two & Three) begin with favorites using Paint from Inner Knowing from 2006-2010 and 2010-2013.  Row Four are the I AM Mandalas, following the Cycle of Life Thread Pathways #1-12 in Ego/Soul Unity.
Row Five are personal Soul Portraits, which began in September 2009 and continue to this day. 
This is a small sample of over 100 paintings from 2005-2013 done by Linnea Haley.

Row One: General

Row Two: Paint from Inner Knowing 2006-2010

Row Three: Paint from Inner Knowing 2010-2013

Row Four: I AM Mandala

Row Five: Soul Portraiting

Row Six: Visual Process